Until 2014, GatherLA, BRIGHT’s flagship digital product, curated and connected L.A. shoppers to the cutting edge of independent fashion, just around the corner. GatherLA was a beloved online shopping destination for discovering hyper-local L.A. design, (see: L.A. Times).

Where do you shop for local design?
If you’re looking to buy shoes, you know where to go — Zappos, Amazon, etc. But where do you go to explore design created in your own neighborhood? While shopping has moved online, the discovery of local design is still trapped by brick-and-mortar and coincidence. There’s no single destination to easily discover sophisticated, locally-created design.
Combine the growing “buy local” sentiment with the web’s insatiable appetite for original design.
Arising beliefs:

  • 93% Of Americans believe it’s Important to Support Local Businesses (American Express OPEN Small Business Saturday Consumer Pulse, Survey, 2011)

Evolving behaviors:

  • Holiday sales growth at independent retailers has surpassed the national retail average for the past 2 years. (Institute for Local Self-Reliance Independent Business Survey, 2012, 2011; U.S. Commerce Department statistics)
  • 40% of Gen Y participants in the Edelman Digital study claimed a preference for buying local, even if these goods or services were more expensive than mass-market alternatives. (Forbes, 2012)

Competition struggling for differentiation:

  • Once known for their deals, Gilt.com and other flash-sale leaders are now repositioning themselves as purveyors of special things. Increasingly, what the sites are really selling is a point of view, or a lifestyle. (The New York Times, 2012)
  • The consumer is anxious for us to curate more and more of anything that might fit into their lives. That’s what’s going to deliver incredible growth into the future. (Steve Davis, President RueLaLa, 2012)
The place to discover hyper-local design.
“It’s the neighborhood-by-neighborhood aspect that makes GatherLA different. The hyper-local site allows shoppers to tap into the spirit and style of Silver Lake, Echo Park, Highland Park, Hollywood or Venice, depending on their taste.” – The Los Angeles Times, October 2012



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