Mirrorgram was an iOS app that existed from October 2012 – October 2014. Mirrorgram is now SparkMode. Find out more about SparkMode here.

The inspiration from Mirrorgram began during the Glitch Mob’s Drink The Sea tour. The laptop band found themselves spending a lot of time fiddling with photo apps as a way to kill the long hours between shows on the tour bus. That’s when band-member Justin Boreta had an idea for an app that would allow anyone to be able to easily create psychedelic, symmetrical images. BRIGHT came on board to lead the Mirrogram app launch in October, 2012, driving awareness, and sustained community engagement strategies.

Mirrorgram as the driver of an emerging cultural aesthetic.
Even before Mirrorgram was available on the App Store, “knockoffs” — mirrored images tagged with the #mirrorgram hashtag — began popping up all over Instagram. The initial seeding via the Glitch Mob fanbase in advance of the app release illuminated that the symmetrical aesthetic was tapping into something bigger than the sum of the photo app’s parts.   
Make mirrored images “the new black.”
Drawing on the app’s musical pedigree, the Mirrorgram release took its cues from an album launch. Rather than focusing on the app as a photo utility, the launch strategy positioned Mirrorgram, and its end-product creations, as part of the cultural landscape.
“The Symmetry Revolution.” 
From music videos to fashion spreads to car commercials, as symmetrical imagery and designs became increasingly pervasive throughout popular culture, “The Symmetry Revolution” platform allowed Mirrorgram to own this aesthetic by laying claim to the cultural trend itself.
First Week:
  • #1 New & Noteworthy app
  • #1 paid photo app
  • #11 paid app overall
  • #17 free app
  • 166,000+ Users
  • 12,000+ #mirrorgrams tagged on Instagram
4 Months:

  • 500,000+ Users
  • 20% Organic growth per month
  • 84% Returning users
  • 1,000,000+ Images created
  • 93,000+ #mirrograms tagged on Instagram 

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Mirrorgram App Launch

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Introducing SparkMode

January 13, 2015