Skingraft Designs is a couture street-wear brand that began as an underground clothing label founded by circus costumers and performers, and has evolved into a global fashion house, favored by cutting-edge style-makers and pop stars alike. Justin Bieber wore a Skingraft bomber jacket when he turned himself in to police. Rihanna wore custom Skingraft pieces in her video for “Rockstar 101,” as did Britney Spears in her video for “Hold it against me.”

While Skingraft started out, in 2007, as a cult, LA fashion label, today the company has boutiques in Los Angeles and New York, and shows on runways the world over.



Their new website likewise had to meet the needs of a global, e-commerce operation, while reflecting the brand’s vision in the online retail experience.

Developing the strategy for provided an opportunity for BRIGHT to reinvent the legacy e-commerce experience, enhancing the outcome for both retailer and shoppers.

The UX strategy for the website creates a frictionless shopping experience. Each step of the e-commerce path-to-purchase — from browsing and comparing, to checkout and completing the purchase — ┬áhas been systematically optimized.

The result is a natively digital, high-end shopping experience that reflects the brand’s sleek modernism, and streamlines the the user-flow to drive product discovery, improve conversion, decrease cart abandonment, and optimize key moments of truth throughout the complete e-commerce, customer journey.



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A first of its kind app that lets users create digital & physical art...

Reinventing the e-commerce experience...

Mirrorgram App Launch

Igniting the Symmetry Revolution with a mobile app...

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Introducing SparkMode

January 13, 2015