Introducing SparkMode is a startup index and ideation platform providing advertisers clarity, context, and connection to emerging tech and startup companies. Like the Nielsen for startup media, Cuurio provides strategic intelligence on the ever-shifting landscape of what people interact with. BRIGHT worked with Cuurio to develop intuitive and compelling experience strategies to deliver on the platform’s value proposition, and meet the distinct B2B needs of both […]

Developing the strategy for provided an opportunity for BRIGHT to reinvent the legacy e-commerce experience, enhancing the outcome for both retailer and shoppers. The UX strategy for the website creates a frictionless shopping experience. Each step of the e-commerce path-to-purchase — from browsing and comparing, to checkout and completing the purchase — has been systematically optimized. The result […]

  A confluence of street and bohemia, BellenBrand, the brainchild of owner, Alexandria Norman, reflects the designer’s Angeleno roots and L.A.’s diverse, eclectic and vibrant personality. BellenBrand’s cult following of urban hipster artists, bloggers, models, DJ’s, and other industry influencers has made it a darling of the L.A. fashion world. BRIGHT developed the UX strategy for BellenBrand’s e-retail platform, creating […]

Nine months after its launch, Mirrorgram now has over 1 million users! In the app’s ongoing milestone marathon (seems like just yesterday we cracked 500k), Mirrorgram users have now created more that 3.7 million images, and tagged over 200,000 #mirrorgrams on Instagram. Along the way, the art app has come to define a new cultural aesthetic, and galvanized a vibrant, creative community. Read more: Music […]

  The NBCUniversal Evolution Plan is a massive undertaking to modernize L.A.’s storied theme park, Universal Studios, and Universal CityWalk. The new park will bring not only passionately anticipated new attractions, such as the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, but with it, new jobs, millions of tourism dollars into the L.A. economy, and even improvements to parts of the city’s freeway […]

As of today, Mirrorgram has been downloaded over half a million times. Since the app’s release in October, Mirrorgram users have created over a million images, and tagged nearly 100,000 #mirrorgrams on Instagram. Along the way, the art app has come to define a new cultural aesthetic, and galvanized a vibrant, creative community. BRIGHT led the Mirrorgram launch and community strategy, […]

When Mirrorgram, an iOS app that lets users create mirrored images, launched in October, 2012, the app brought together disparate instances of mirrored imagery and designs pervading popular culture under one brand, through the “Symmetry Revolution” platform. In its first 3 months, the app had amassed over 300,000 users, among them artists, musicians, and other cultural influencers like Sophia Bush of NBC’s […]

        BRIGHT’s flagship product, Gather, is featured in today’s Sunday’s L.A. Times. Gather curates and connects shoppers to the cutting edge of independent design talent, just around the corner. As the L.A. Times says: “It’s the neighborhood-by-neighborhood aspect that makes GatherLA different. The hyper-local site allows shoppers to tap into the spirit and style of Silver Lake, Echo […]

Some numbers from the first seven days of Bright’s launch of the new iOS photo app, Mirrorgram. #1 New & Noteworthy app:   #1 Paid photo app And 166,529 new users, who created over 12,000 tagged #mirrorgram photos on Instagram. Plus, we got some love from Sophia Bush, Ryan Ross, Pretty Lights, Mike Shinoda, Sean Avery, Fighting Gravity, Chriselle Lim, and Bassnectar, among other artists.   Download Mirrorgram on the App […]